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Driveway Paving Using Lismore in Collinswood

Another excellent transformation by the team at Select Paving in Dublin. No wonder they are considered the number one driveway paving company in Dublin! This was a new driveway installation to replace the old driveway and redesign the area so you can park more cars on the driveway.

The old utility hole cover was replaced and a small shaped flower bed left against the boundary line, which we retained with a brick on edge set in concrete.

The driveway had a new base foundation and paving grit laid on top for putting down the new paving.

The paving laid was the Lismore range from Kilsaran using the rustic colour choice. The border was done using a stripe of Newgrange buff granite cobblestones. When you want Driveway Paving near Collinswood, you can rely on our driveway paving company to handle it for you!

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