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Paving Contractors in Cork

Are you looking to replace your old driveway with a newly paved driveway or have some garden paving laid in your patio? Our paving contractors in Cork provide an unrivalled service for laying block paving, driveway paving and garden paving throughout County Cork.

The biggest advantage to using block paving is the wide variety of colour choices and design options available to you. The colour choices can vary depending on the manufacturer, for example, we use Roadstone paving as we believe in supporting local businesses in Cork, who provide colour options such as charcoal grey, harvest blend, natural, Vermont, multicolour, limestone and more. Click here to see more examples from Roadstone.

Another big advantage to block paving is that it already is semi-permeable since it is jointed using a kiln dried sand/silver sand joint. This allows water to drain down through the joints helping to relieve any surface water off the top. Of course, if you have to do surface water concerns, there is a permeable option available as well, which will handle driveways that get completely flooded.

With block paving laying patterns, you can opt for the standard herringbone pattern (45 or 90) with the normal 50mm or 60mm block paving options, with cobble setts, Castlestone, Corrib, tegula and similar styles of paving; these are laid using 3 sizes. If you choose to lay in one size, preferably the larger size, you can still choose herringbone, but it is not required.

Laying Paving on Driveways and Patios

Regardless of the type of paving you are going to get laid on your driveway or patio, the process of laying the paving remains relatively the same.

With every new driveway installation by Excel Driveways in Cork, they will always insert a new base foundation of 804 stone to ensure a stable and enduring base for the driveway paving. The paving itself is laid on top of a screened sand finish which is levelled using screeds. This ensures water will be direct to a suitable location on the finished paving and an even finish for the surface.

Once the paving has been laid in the chosen pattern, it will get cut and jointed with either kiln dried sand or silver sand. To finish it off, the paving will get machine compacted using a whacker plate and topped up once more with jointing sand to ensure its properly locked in place.

If you would like to know more about block paving or want a paving contractor in Cork, call Excel Driveways that are based in Douglas Cork on 021 202 1046 for a free estimate throughout County Cork.

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