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Patio Contractors in Dublin

Are you looking to replace your old patio and garden area in County Dublin, Ireland? Why not call Drivescape Paving to get a free no-obligation estimate. They provide a range of new patio and garden installations that include laying slabs, garden paving, pathways, new lawns and wooden fencing.

When it comes to replacing an old patio area, the first decision you need to make is the new layout. Are you thinking of extending the patio area to create a seating area? Do you need a step at the back door or sliding patio doors allowing you to step out easily?

Next up is design choices. Do you want crisp and defined lines around the patio, or do you want a curved and lazy S-shaped patio area? The best option is generally a curved shape with smaller patio areas it elongates and creates a larger than life effect to the patio.

Next up are surfacing choices that you need to make for the overall look and we mean for maintenance and texture feel to the patio, not colours. Some slabbing styles require more maintenance than others, the same as some can get slippy in damp or colder conditions as well.

When you choose a team like Drivescape Paving in Santry, Dublin, you are opting for a high quality yet affordable patio installer that will go through all of these design choices with you. Each design choice is explained and highlighted to syou can make a clear and informed choice.

Sandstone Patios to Laying Garden Paving in Dublin

For high gloss patios, the most common type of patio style today in Dublin is Porcelain tiling followed by sawn sandstone. For more traditional styled patios, limestone and mint green sandstone would be the go to choice of most people. The most affordable style of patio is built using concrete slabbing and garden paving.

Why not call the patio contractors at Drivescape Paving on 01 697 1796 for a free estimate, based in Santry in Dublin, they service north and south Dublin.


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