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Roofing Contractors in Dublin

If you need a roofing contractor, you can rely on the services of our Roof Specialists in Dublin. We provide an excellent service for replacing and repairing roofs, sheds, extensions and garage roofs throughout north and south Dublin at an unbeatable rate.

Ranging from replacing loose or missing tiles to reseating ridge tiles, replacing damaged felt underlay or putting in new torch on felt roofs, our Roofing Specialists get it done on time and budget.

A roofing contractor can work on all types of roofs, from flat roofs to pitched roofs and barrel styled roofs. They can put in new roofs, lean-to roofs and flat roof extensions whilst ensuring the work is done to industry-approved standards.

Roof Repairs

Each repair job handled by our roofers in Dublin is done professionally and to the same high standards. Our 10 year guarantee covers this work in case you get problems with the same area. We will always assess the work first and ensure that we can successfully carry out the repair before we start in on the work.

Our repair work includes an emergency roofing service in case you have spotted a leak or your roof has become dangerous. Serving all of the County Dublin, we can be with you within less than 1 hour, north or south Dublin!

Some repairs are only slight can be handled on the spot in less than 20 minutes, whilst other repairs will require more serious attention. For example, a slipped tile which was exposed the underlay can be remedied in less than 20 minutes whilst rotting underlay will take a few hours. The reason for the extended time is that we'll have to remove the tiles in that area, cut out the roof lats and then the damaged underlay. Replace the underlay, put in new lats and lay back down the old tiles on top of it.

Lead flashing repairs around chimneys, windows and valleys are fixed in less than 1 hour whilst loose or missing ridge tiles will again take a few hours whilst we undertake the relaying of them on the ridge of your roof.

For more information or to get a free estimate from The Roofing Specialists in Dublin call 01 264 6790 or go visit The Roofing Specialists Website to learn more about them.


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