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Roofing Contractors Stillorgan - Roof Wise
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Stillorgan, Dublin

At Roof Wise, our roofing contractors in Stillorgan provide an unbeatable service for repairing roofs, gutters and fascia systems throughout the region.

Our roofers are trained to handle roofing repairs on residential roofs, fixing loose lead flashings, roof valleys, ridge tiling, and underlay systems.

Simple signs that you might have a roofing problem vary from the obvious ones, such as a leak or drip appearing to notice black mould on interior walling or damp spots starting to appear.

Damp spots or mould on walling generally occur from a build-up of condensation or moisture in your house, which will need to be investigated. In contrast, a leak or drip commonly can be spotted relatively quickly with an exterior inspection.

If you do have condensation, it might be the case that the Attic roof is not venting the moisture out correctly and will need proper venting.

Another common problem is rotting underlay, where the old underlay membrane has become ripped or torn and is letting water in through the roof.

That problem is solved easily by listing up a square section around the damaged underlay and replacing the roof lats and underlay in that area with the old tiles laid back on when it's finished.

Along with their roofing services, they provide a low cost felt and fibreglass roofing replacement service in Stillorgan.

List of roofing services for Stillorgan:

  • Roof repairs
  • Attic venting
  • Dormer window repairs
  • Dry verge repairs
  • Lead flashing repairs
  • Ridge tiling
  • Roof valley repairs
  • Flat roof replacements
  • Fibreglass roofs
  • Felt membrane and felt underlay repairs

You can call their roofing contractors for Stillorgan on 01 254 8329 or email them at info@roofwise to schedule a free call back. Alternatively, if you have used their roofing service, you can fill out the review form on this page to help other people decide upon using their services.

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