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Driveway Installers in Weston super Mare

If you need to replace your old driveway or would like to convert your front garden area into a new driveway, why not call the number one driveway company in Weston super Mare, Somerset Drives and Patios on 01934 268016 for a free estimate.

They provide a range of affordable surfacing choices for replacing an older driveway. The options include excavating and putting in a new surface or resurfacing over the old driveway. From designing the driveway area to fitting the new driveway, Somerset Drives and Patios will handle it for you by simply callingĀ 01278 806013 for a free estimate!

Driveway Installation Choices

If the driveway is being resurfaced, the three most common options are tarmac driveways, tar and chip driveways or a resin bound finish.

For replacing an older driveway, you have the option of driveway paving, block paving, gravel stone, resin bound, tarmac, tar and chip, imprinted concrete and standard concrete surfacing.

If you need to convert the front of your home into a driveway area, you will require either planning permission or a drainage solution to convert the garden to a hard standing surface. Under SUDS regulations, all the runoff from a converted garden area must be kept within the property and drained away. This stops the roads and pavements from having to deal with extra flooding during heavy downpours.

The most common type of option for this is either aco channel drains that run across the front of the driveway and will catch all the surface water. These are connected into either an existing drainage solution or a soak away pit built to purpose.

The second option is a permeable driveway which generally is done using one of these 3 options. The first option is a gravel stone driveway, the second option is permeable paving and the third option is resin bound.

Each is a permeable surface which will allow water to drain down and not run across the surface. The key to this type of surface is the base foundation and the preparation. The base needs to be built using a permeable Type 3 MOT Foundation and to a minimum depth of 10 inches. Jointing if required, should be done using a grit style not a fine sand as it will drain away faster.

Most types of choices are available in the same colour and design, regardless if its permeable, non permeable or in between.

Call Somerset Driveways and Patios on 01278 806013 for a free estimate on getting new driveways in Weston super Mare. Unbeatable value on their services!


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