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Brindle Block Paved Driveway in Oxford, UK

Here is a new driveway installation by Oxfordshire Paving LTD using brindle block paving in Oxford. The existing driveway was completely renovated with all the rubbish removed from on site. The rest of the area was edged off using a concrete flat top-edging kerb set in concrete.

New flat top edging kerbs across the front of the driveway to separate it off from the pavement and a french gravel up along the left side of the driveway since the neighbours fencing panels were too erratic for a straight concrete edging kerb.

New weed block, river washed sharp sand was laid down on top of the base once levelled and machine compacted. The block paving was laid on top of the sand once it was screed and accurately leveled.

The block paving was the 50mm Driveline range from Marshalls using a main colour of brindle and a charcoal border in a header style against it.

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