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Oxfordshire Paving LTD
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John Eccles House Robert Robinson Avenue Oxford

New Driveway Installations in Oxford

Are you looking to replace your old driveway and need a local and proven driveway installation company in Oxford? Call Felix and his team at Oxfordshire Paving LTD for a free no-obligation estimate on getting a new driveway laid in Oxford.

They provide an excellent range of surfacing choices for laying in new drives, including driveway paving, tarmac driveways, asphalt, resin bound driveways and imprinted pattern concrete driveways.

Each driveway installation which their driveway company completes is done to the highest of standards and built using approved products for your driveway in Oxford.

How Driveways Are Laid in Oxford

The installation process starts with removing your old driveway area at the front of your house. If it's a new driveway installation or a front garden conversion, the same process will apply, but the excavation will be deeper; usually, around 10 inches, to ensure a solid new base of Type 1 MOT can be laid into the area.

Once the excavation is completed, the design process begins where the edging choices are laid in such as kerbing and bordering. All the edging and bordering is set in concrete to make sure it will not shift over time.

New inspection chambers, steps and other auxiliary works are applied at this stage along with permeable weed block.

The surface is laid on top of all of this to the exact design choices that were agreed to. They try to be as thorough as possible during the estimate and quote stage so by the time the installation process is ongoing, its like watching something come to life.

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